Summary of the pharmacology of calcitonin and amylin receptors

Data are based on Alexander et al. (2013) and Gingell et al. (2014). Note that amylin receptor pharmacology can be influenced by calcitonin receptor splice variant and cell background (e.g., G protein expression level, expression of other RAMPs).

ReceptorSubunitsAgonist Potency Order
CTRCT(a)sCT ≥ hCT ≥ rAmy,hAmy,pramlintide,CGRP
AMY1(a)CT(a) + RAMP1sCT ≥ rAmy,hAmy,pramlintide ≥ CGRP > hCT
AMY2(a)CT(a) + RAMP2Cell-type dependent
AMY3(a)CT(a) + RAMP3sCT ≥ rAmy,hAmy,pramlintide > CGRP ≥ hCT
  • CTR, calcitonin receptor; h, human; r, rat; s, salmon.