Some examples of clinical trials in which heparin (unfractionated or modified) is used in a non-anticoagulant application

ConditionInterventionPurposePhaseTrial Identifier(s)
InfertilityHeparin, LMWHHeparin increases outcome in poor responders undergoing in vitro fertilization (implantation and clinical pregnancy rates)2 and 3NCT02144064, NCT01924104, NCT01214772 2011-003080-30, 2011-002219-28
Antiphospholipid syndrome and pregnancyHeparin, enoxaparinTreatment of recurrent pregnancy loss associated with antiphospholipid syndrome2NCT01051778
Assisted reproductive technologyEnoxaparinTopical application of heparin to improve intracytoplasmic sperm injection2NCT02325479
HemodialysisHeparinEvaluate if topically applied heparin aids construction of primary arteriovenous fistulas2NCT01382888, 2011-000455-16
Inhalation burns, smoke inhalation injuryHeparinEfficacy of nebulized heparin on lung injury score in inhalation burn injury over normal care (HEPBURN)2NTC01773083, 2012-003289-42
Lung cancerTinzaparin/enoxaparinLMWH can inhibit tumor growth and metastasis and enhance survival of patients3NCT00475098, NCT00771563, 2007-007696-16
InflammationEnoxaparin, heparinTreatment of inflammation in intraocular lens implantation, cataract surgery, and chronic glomerulonephritis3 and 4NCT00986076, NCT00001311, 2005-002989-11
Adenocarcinoma of the colonTinzaparinLMWH reduction of metastases and recurrence in patients as seen in animal models3NCT01455831
Breast, colorectal, lung, prostate and veno-occlusive cancersDalteparin, nadroparin, enoxaparinAssess whether LMWH beyond inhibition of thrombosis improves quality of life/survival rate over standard chemotherapy treatment2 and 3NCT00003674, NCT00718354, NCT00717938, 2005-005336-27, 2007-002608-16
Supratentorial glioblastoma multiformeDalteparinHeparin may stop the growth of cancer stopping blood flow and blocking enzymes in tumor growth2NCT00028678
VulvodyniaEnoxaparinLMWH may reduce pain in women with vulvodynia2NCT00874484
Ulcerative colitisDeligoparinUltra-LMWH may help to reduce inflammation in ulcerative colitis2 and 3NCT00033943, 2006-001782-42
Diabetic foot ulcersDalteparinTreatment on chronic foot ulcers due to peripheral arterial occlusive disease in patients with diabetes2 and 3NCT00765063, NCT00662831
Ovarian cancerDalteparinTo improve morbidity and mortality when used in conjunction with standard therapy2NCT00239980
Pediatric solid tumors, acute myeloid leukemiaODSHTreatment with heparin to increase platelet recovery time after chemotherapy1NCT02164097, NCT02056782
Metastatic pancreatic cancerODSH, dalteparinDetermine if ODSH or dalteparin is efficacious in patients receiving normal therapy2NCT01461915, NCT00462852
Metastatic kidney cancerTinzaparinPrevention of growth in inoperable cancer1 and 2NCT00293501
Pregnancy complicationsEnoxaparin, dalteparinEvaluate efficacy of LMWH on pregnancy outcome in women with previous pregnancy complications32006-004205-26, 2005-005850-30, 2008-005705-19, NCT01388322, NCT00400387
BurnsHeparinAssess analgesic effect of heparin in topical and parenteral treatment22007-004304-12
Cystic fibrosisHeparinNebulized heparin on easing cystic fibrosis22007-006276-11
Pulmonary conditionsHeparin, desulfated heparinImprove lung function in obstructive pulmonary conditions22006-006378-32, 2010-024168-16
Acute chest syndromeHeparinImprove clinical outcome, and decrease hospitalization2NCT02098993
LaborNon-anticogualant LMWHReducing prolonged labor22006-005839-20
MicroalbuminuriaSulodexide (LMWH and dermatan sulfate)Treat microalbuminuria in type 2 diabetes32005-003158-91