Summary of phenotype of rats with genetic alterations of the endothelin system

Animal ModelSite (Cre)PhenotypeReferences
TGR(hET-2)37Whole body ET-2 overexpressionmales: lower body weight, interstitial and glomerularsclerosisLiefeldt et al., 1995, 1999
females: glomerularsclerosisLiefeldt et al., 1999
Homozygous spotting lethal (sl/sl)Whole body, natural mutation in the ETBaganglionic megacolon; white coat color; death at an early age.Gariepy et al., 1996
DβH-ETB:ETBsl/slETB deficient except for nerves (insertion with dopamine-β-hydroxylase promoter)ETB expressed in nerves but absent elsewhere; coat color spotting; salt-sensitive hypertensionGariepy et al., 1998; Gariepy et al., 2000; Pollock et al., 2000