Ongoing trials of immune checkpoint blockade in multiple myeloma

Data compiled from ( 7/2016.

TypeTherapyPrimary Identifier
Phase 1Nivolumab, nivolumab + ipilumab, nivolumab + lirilumabToxicityRelapsed/refractory lymphoma and MMNCT01592370
Phase 1AtezolizumabToxicitySolid tumors, refractory lymphoma and MMNCT01375842
Phase 1/1bIpilimumab or NivolumabToxicity and dose-findingHematologic malignancies, including MM, after allo-SCTNCT01822509
Phase 1/2Pembrolizumab + pomalidomide + dexamethasoneToxicityRelapsed/refractory MMNCT02289222
Phase 1/2Pidilizumab + lenalidomidePidilizumab MTD
ORRRelapsed/refractory MMNCT02077959
Phase 2PembrolizumabClinical responseMM after auto-SCTNCT02331368
Phase 2Pidilizumab+ DC vaccineImmunologic responseMM after auto-SCTNCT01067287
Phase 2PembrolizumabORRResidual MMNCT02636010
Phase 3Lenalidomide + dexamethasone +/− pembrolizumabPFSNewly diagnosed MMNCT02579863
Phase 3Pomalidomide + dexamethasone +/− pembrolizumabPFS and OSRelapsed/refractory MMNCT02576977
  • MM, multiple myeloma; allo-SCT, allogeneic stem cell transplantation; CR, complete response; auto-SCT, autologous stem cell transplantation; MTD, maximal tolerated dose; ORR, overall response rate; PFS, progression free survival; overall survival.