Select ongoing trials of immune checkpoint inhibition in Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphomas

Data compiled from (, 7/2016.

TypeTherapyPrimary Identifier
Phase 1Nivolumab +/− ipilimumab or lirilumabSafetyRelapsed/refractory NHL and HLNCT01592370
Phase 1Ipilimumab, nivolumab and brentuximab vedotinSafetyRelapsed/refractory HLNCT01896999
Phase 1Ipilimumab or nivolumab post allo-SCTSafetyRelapsed/refractory NHL and HLNCT01822509
Phase 1Ipilimumab post allo-SCTGVHD and graft rejectionRelapsed/refractory NHL and HLNCT00060372
Phase 1Ipilimumab + lenalidomide post allo- or auto-SCTSafety, including GVHDNHL and HLNCT01919619
Phase 1PembrolizumabSafety and objective response rateRelapsed/refractory NHL and HLNCT01953692
Phase 1Pembrolizumab + chemotherapySafety and TRMUntreated DLBCLNCT02541565
Phase 1Pembrolizumab + dinaciclibSafetyRelapsed/refractory NHLNCT02684617
Phase 1/2Nivolumab +/− IpilimumabSafety and response rateRelapsed/refractory NHL and HLNCT02304458
Phase 1/2Nivolumab + brentuximabToxicity and response rateRelapsed/refractory HLNCT02572167
Phase 1/2Nivolumab + urelumabToxicity and efficacyRelapsed/refractory NHLNCT02253992
Phase 1/2Nivolumab + epacadostatToxicity, ORR and PFSRelapsed/refractory NHL and HLNCT02327078
Phase 1/2Pembrolizumab + epacadostatSafety and ORRRelapsed/refractory NHLNCT02178722
Phase 1/2Pembrolizumab post CD19 CAR T cell therapySafetyRelapsed/refractory NHLNCT02650999
Phase 2Nivolumab + brentuximabMetabolic response rateElderly with untreated HLNCT02758717
Phase 2Nivolumab post auto-SCTObjective and overall response ratesClassic HLNCT02181738
Phase 2PembrolizumabObjective response rateRelapsed/refractory primary mediastinal lymphoma or Richter syndromeNCT02576990
Phase 2PembrolizumabEfficacyRecurrent CNS lymphomaNCT02779101
Phase 2PembrolizumabPFSRelapsed/refractory T-cell NHLNCT02535247
Phase 2Pembrolizumab + rituximabORRFollicular lymphomaNCT02446457
Phase 2Pembrolizumab + idelalisib or ibrutinibResponse rateLow grade NHLNCT02332980
Phase 2Pembrolizumab post auto-SCTPFSRelapsed/refractory NHL and HLNCT02362997
Phase 2PidilizumabResponseStage III-IV DLBCL in first remissionNCT02530125
  • allo-SCT, allogeneic stem cell transplantation; auto-SCT, autologous stem cell transplantation; CAR, chimeric antigen receptor; CNS, central nervous system; DLBCL, diffuse large b cell lymphoma; GVHD, graft versus host disease; HL, Hodgkin lymphoma; NHL, non-Hodgkin lymphoma; ORR, overall response rate; PFS, progression free survival; TRM, treatment related mortality.