Sequence alignment of mouse, rat, and human VAMP isoforms and cleavage sites of the different BoNTs

The SNARE motifs of mouse, rat, and human VAMP isoforms have been aligned using The conserved cleavage sites of VAMP isoforms targeted by specific BoNT types and subtypes are in the same color of the respective toxins. The cleavage site of the newly identified BoNT-like metalloprotease of Weissella oryzae (WO) is also shown (purple). Conserved proteolytic sites whose susceptibility to cleavage is predicted, but not experimentally proven, are underlined with the color of the respective BoNT. Nonconserved cleavage sites are underlined in black as well as conserved cleavage sites, which were experimentally found to be noncleavable. When known, the recognition motif, used by the toxin to bind the substrate in addition to the cleavage sites (Rossetto et al., 1994), is underlined in red.

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