Comparison of botulinum neurotoxin products marketed in Europe and North America

Units are manufacturer specific and are not interchangeable.

Generic nameOnabotulinumtoxinAAbobotulinumtoxinAIncobotulinumtoxinARimabotulinumtoxinB
ManufacturerAllergan (USA)Ipsen Pharmaceuticals (France)Merz Pharmaceuticals (Germany)US WorldMeds (USA)
C. botulinum strainHall A-hyperHall AHall A (ATCC 3502)Bean
Toxin typeA1A1A1B1
MW900 kDa complexMW not reported150 kDaMW not reported
Pharmaceutical formVacuum-dried powder for reconstitutionFreeze-dried powder for reconstitutionFreeze-dried powder for reconstitutionReady-to-use solution
Shelf life2–8°C2–8°CRoom temperature2–8°C
36 months24 months36 months24 months
pH (reconstituted)
ExcipientsIn 100 U vial:In 500 U vial:In 100 U vial:HSA 500 μg/ml
HSA 500 μgHSA 125 μgHSA 1000 μgSuccinate 10 mM
NaCl (900 μg/vial)Lactose (2.5 mg/vial)Sucrose (4.7 mg/vial)NaCl 100 mM
Unit/vial100 U or 200 U Botox300 U or 500 U Dysport100 U or 200 U Xeomin2500 U/0.5 ml
50 U Vistabel125 U Azzalure50 U Bocouture5000 U/1 ml
10,000 U/2 ml
Protein load/vial5 ng/100 U4.35 ng/500 U0.44 ng/100 Ua55 ng/2500 U
Clinical activity in relation to Botox11:2–1:311:40–1:50
  • HSA, human serum albumin; PTC, progenitor toxin complex.

  • a Neurotoxin concentration measured by ELISA (Frevert, 2010).