CNS effects of cytokines dependent on their transport across the BBB

IL-1Impairs cognitionBanks et al., 2001a
IL-1raImproves stroke outcomeZhang et al., 2017a
FGFProtects against ischemia-reperfusion injuryCuevas et al., 1998
FGFTBI protectionSun et al., 2009
FGFStimulation of neurogenesisWagner et al., 1999
TNFInduction of Parkinson’s-like symptomsQin et al., 2007
TNFChemobrainJoshi et al., 2010
OrexinImproved septic shock survivalKastin and Akerstrom, 1995; Ogawa et al., 2016
  • FGF, fibroblast growth factor; TBI, total body irradiation.