Cluster of diseases with evidence of NRF2 association

Disease phenotypes with evidence of genetic association with NRF2 were selected from the DisGeNet database. DisGeNet integrates disease–gene association information from various resources, such as UniProt, ClinVar, GWAS Catalog, and Comparative Toxicogenomics Database and scores disease–gene associations according to the number of resources and publications supporting these associations. The curation of the list was based on the following criteria: 1) only pathophenotypes with more than one citation in Pubmed were selected; 2) the score of reliability was set to a threshold of 0.001; and 3) disease entries with very similar names or overlapping terms were simplified to one single entry.

PathophenotypeReliability ScorePathophenotypeReliability Score
Diabetic nephropathy0.2016Diabetic cardiomyopathy0.0803
Liver cirrhosis0.2005Middle cerebral artery infraction0.0800
Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis0.2005Breast neoplasms0.0087
Acute kidney injury0.2000Vitiligo0.0076
Pulmonary fibrosis0.2000Atherosclerosis0.0067
Nonsmall cell lung carcinoma0.1252Asthma0.0043
Squamous cell carcinoma0.1243Leukemia0.0038
Liver neoplasms0.1238Colon neoplasm0.0038
Hyperglycemia0.1208Gastrointestinal diseases0.0029
Drug-induced liver injury0.1200Parkinson disease0.0026
Prostatic neoplasms0.1200Systemic lupus erythematous nephritis0.0026
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease0.0899Glioma0.0024
Colorectal neoplasms0.0847Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis0.0022
Alzheimer disease0.0837Ischemia0.0016
Type 2 diabetes mellitus0.0814Pulmonary emphysema0.0013
Chronic kidney disease0.0808Pancreatic neoplasms0.0013
Diabetic retinopathy0.0805Vascular diseases0.0013
Huntington’s disease0.0805Sepsis0.0013