Potential role of the polymorphisms of ADORA2A and adenosine deaminase genes in caffeine-related functions and caffeine consumption

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GeneBiologic RoleClinical RelevanceReplicationLocation in Text
ADORA2AAnxietyModulation of anxiety levels in response to caffeine intakeYesIV.B.1.a
AttentionInfluence on attentional processing and working memoryYesIV.B.1.a
Emotional processingInfluence on startle reflexYesIV.B.1.a
Maladaptive emotional processing
Impact on the selection of relevant early information
Panic disorderExtreme reactions to stressful situationsYesIV.B.1.a
SleepSusceptibility to hyperarousal-induced insomniaYesIV.B.1.b
Sleep latency
Modification of EEG sleep-linked characteristics
Caffeine consumptionCarrying the 1976TT genotype decreases caffeine consumptionNoIV.B.1.c
Adenosine deaminaseSleepRole in sleep architecture and maintenanceYesIV.B.1.b
Controls the frequency of awakenings