Comparison of the relative reported intrinsic clearance (CLint, Vmax/Km) for CYP2B6*4 vs. CYP2B6*6

HaplotypeSystemCLint (% wild type)ReferenceComments
2B6*4E. coli170Bumpus et al. (2006)N-terminally truncated transcripts
2B6*4E. coli96Zhang et al. (2011)N-terminally truncated transcripts
2B6*4Sf9 cells142Ariyoshi et al. (2011)
Avg ± S.E.M.136 ± 22
2B6*6HLM17Xu et al. (2012)
2B6*6UES53Xu et al. (2012)No significant differences were observed in the presence or absence of cyt b and thus the CLint value is an average of the two measurements
2B6*6E. coli20Zhang et al. (2011)N-terminally truncated transcripts
2B6*6Sf950Ariyoshi et al. (2011)
2B6*6COS-1183Radloff et al. (2013)
Avg ± S.E.M.65 ± 31
  • HLM, human liver microsomes from the specified haplotype; UES, unspecified expression system.