Effects of morphine in assays of analgesia-related CPP

SubjectsPain Stimulus (Time before Conditioning)Conditioning SessionsMorphineResultReference
#DurationDose (Route)Time
Male SD ratsIntraplantar CFA660 0.3–5.6 (s.c.)−0 CPP in pain = nonpainShippenberg et al., 1988
Male SD ratsIntraplantar CFA (−1 day)860 3–10 (i.p.)−0 CPP in pain = nonpainSufka, 1994
Male SD ratsIntraplantar carrageenan (−1 day), intraplantar formalin (−1 day)450 2–8 (i.p.)−0 No CPP in pain, CPP in  nonpainSuzuki et al., 1996
Male SD ratsPartial nerve ligation (−4 days)660 4–8 (s.c.)−0 No CPP in pain, CPP in  nonpainOzaki et al., 2002
Male C57Bl/6J micePartial nerve ligation (−4 days)630 (2/day)2.5–5 (s.c.)−0 No CPP in pain, CPP in  nonpainPetraschka et al., 2007
Female C57Bl/6J miceIntraplantar carrageenan (−4 h)620 (2/day)10 (i.p.)−5 CPP in pain = nonpainBetourne et al., 2008
Intraplantar CFA (−4 h)620 (2/day)10 (i.p.)−5No CPP in pain, CPP in  nonpainBetourne et al., 2008
Intraplantar tumor cells (−20 days)620 (2/day)10 (i.p.)−5No CPP in pain, CPP in  nonpainBetourne et al., 2008
Male/female Tg micePartial nerve ligation (−3 days)660 5 (s.c.)−0CPP in pain < nonpainNiikura et al., 2008
Male SD ratsSpinal cord contusion (−2 days)445 (2/day)1.25, 2.5 (?)−0CPP in pain ≥ nonpainaWoller et al., 2012
Male SD ratsPaclitaxel treatment (−7 days), Oxaliplatin treatment (−7 days)6604 (s.c.)−0CPP in pain ≤ nonpainMori et al., 2014
Female Tg miceIntraplantar CFA (−3 days)630 (2/day)0.1 (i.p.)−0CPP in pain ≥ nonpainaZhang et al., 2014
Male SD ratsSpinal nerve ligation (−21 to −14 days)230 (2/day)0.5, 4.0 (i.v.)−0CPP in pain ≥ nonpainaNavratilova et al., 2015
Spinal nerve ligation (−21 to −14 days)230 (2/day)20 μg/side−0CPP in pain ≥ nonpainaNavratilova et al., 2015
Paw incision (−1 day)230 (2/day)20 μg/side (rACC)−0CPP in pain ≥ nonpainaNavratilova et al., 2015
Male/female C57BI/6 micePaclitaxel treatment (−3 days)6300.3–10 (i.p.)−15CPP in pain = nonpainNeelakantan et al., 2016
Male LE ratsPeripheral nerve injury (−6 days)8301–8 (s.c.)−0CPP in pain ≥ nonpainaCahill et al., 2013
Male/female SD ratsIntraplantar CFA (−1 days)2451–12 (s.c.)−0CPP in pain ≤ nonpainArmendariz and Nazarian, 2018
Intraplantar CFA (−7 days)2451–8 (s.c.)−0CPP in pain > nonpainaArmendariz and Nazarian, 2018
  • LE, Long-Evans; rACC, rostral anterior cingulate cortex; SD, Sprague-Dawley; Tg, transgenic.

  • a These results indicate an antinociceptive drug profile.