miRNA involved in the modulation of the purinergic network

Regulatory miRNATarget in the Purinergic PathwayBiologic EffectReferences
P2X7miR-150InhibitionHuang et al. (2013)
miR-186InhibitionZhou et al. (2008)
miR-216bInhibitionZheng et al. (2014)
miR-22InhibitionJimenez-Mateos et al. (2015)
miR-21InhibitionBoldrini et al. (2015)
miR-125bStimulationParisi et al. (2016)
CD39miR-155StimulationLiu et al. (2015)
CD73miR-422aInhibitionBonnin et al. (2016)
miR-30 familyInhibitionXie et al. (2017)
miR-340InhibitionWang et al. (2018b)
miR-187InhibitionZhang et al. (2016)
miR-193bInhibitionIkeda et al. (2012)
A2AmiR-34bInhibitionVillar-Menendez et al. (2014)
miR-214InhibitionZhao et al. (2015)
miR-15InhibitionHeyn et al. (2012)
miR-16InhibitionHeyn et al. (2012)
A2BmiR-27bInhibitionKolachala et al. (2010)
miR-128aInhibitionKolachala et al. (2010)
miR-128bInhibitionKolachala et al. (2010)
ADA 2miR-14b-3pInhibitionFulzele et al. (2015)