Studies examining the effects of MDMA on nonspatial learning and memory

Ros-Simó et al., 2013NORMice (CD1), Adol., Male20 mg/kg (i.p.) × 2Training: Predrug, Off-Drug2 / Testing: Postdrug [72 h delay]
Shortall et al., 2013NORRats (LH), Adult, Male10 mg/kg (i.p.) × 1/day, 2 daysTraining/Testing: On-Drug [2 h delay]
Nawata et al., 2010NORMice (CD1), Adult, Male10 mg/kg (i.p.) × 1 OR × 1/day, 7 daysTraining/Testing: Postdrug [3 h delay]⌀ (Single), ↓ (Repeated)
Edut et al., 2011NORMice (ICR), Adult, Male10 mg/kg (i.p.) × 1Training/Testing: Postdrug [24 h delay]⌀ (7 days later), ↓ (30 days later)
Rodsiri et al., 2011NORRats (LH), Adult, Male3 or 6 mg/kg (i.p.) × 3Training/Testing: Postdrug [2 h delay]⌀ (3 mg/kg), ↓ (6 mg/kg)
Piper et al., 2008NORRats (SD), Adult, Male10 mg/kg (s.c.) × 4Training/Testing: Postdrug [15 min and 60 min delays]
Able et al., 2006NORRats (SD), Adult, Male15 mg/kg (s.c.) × 4Training/Testing: Postdrug [1 h delay]
Cohen et al., 2005NORRats (SD), Adult, Male15 mg/kg (s.c.) × 4Training/Testing: Postdrug [1 h delay]
Skelton et al., 2008NORRats (SD), Adult, Male15 mg/kg (s.c.) × 4 OR × 4/day, 1 day/wk, 5 wkTraining/Testing: Postdrug [1 h delay]
Morley et al., 2001NORRats (W), Adult, Male5 mg/kg (i.p.) × 1/day, 2 days OR × 4/day, 2 daysTraining/Testing: Postdrug [15 min and 60 min delays]⌀ (Single; Repeated - 60 min delay) ↓ (Repeated - 15 min delay)
McGregor et al., 2003NORRats (W), Adult, Male5 mg/kg (i.p.) × 4/day, 2 daysTraining/Testing: Postdrug [1 h delay]
Abad et al., 2014NORRats (SD), Adol., Male20 mg/kg (s.c.) × 2/day, 4 daysTraining/Testing: Postdrug [1 h delay]
van Nieuwenhuijzen et al., 2010NORRats (W), Adult, Male5 mg/kg (i.p.) × 1/day, 10 daysTraining/Testing: Postdrug [1 h delay]
Kolyaduke and Hughes, 2013NORRats (PVG/c), Adol.→Adult, Male/Female10 mg/kg (i.p.) × 1/day, 10 daysTraining/Testing: Postdrug [15 min delay]
García-Pardo et al., 2017NORMice (OF1), Adol., Male10 mg/kg (i.p.) × 1/day, 4 days (spaced)Training/Testing: Postdrug [1 min delay]
Llorente-Berzal et al., 2013NORRats (W), Adol.→Adult, Male/Female10 mg/kg (s.c.) × 2/day, 4 days (spaced)Training/Testing: Postdrug [4 h delay]
Piper and Meyer, 2004NORRats (SD), Adol., Male10 mg/kg (s.c.) × 2/day, 6 days (spaced)Training/Testing: Postdrug [15 min delay]
Piper et al., 2005NORRats (SD), Adol., Male5 mg/kg (s.c.) × 4/day, 6 days (spaced)Training/Testing: Postdrug [15 min and 30 min delays]
Clemens et al., 2007NORRats (W), Adult, Female8 mg/kg (i.p.) × 1/wk, 16 wkTraining/Testing: Postdrug [20 min delay]
Costa et al., 2014NORMice (B6), Adol.→Adult, Male10 mg/kg (i.p.) × 2/day, 2 days/wk (spaced), 9 wkTraining/Testing: Off-Drug1, Postdrug [1 h delay]⌀ (Off-Drug), ↓ (Postdrug)
Schulz et al., 2013NORRats (W), Adol./Adult, Male7.5 mg/kg (s.c.) × 1/day (10 days) and 2/day (5 days), 15 days (spaced/randomized)Training/Testing: Postdrug [25 min delay]
Abad et al., 2016NORMice (B6), Adol.→Adult, Male5 (2 wk) → 7.5 (3 wk) → 10 (3 wk) mg/kg (s.c.) × 3/day, 1 day/wk, 8 wkTraining/Testing: Postdrug [1 h and 24 h delays]⌀ (1 h delay), ↓ (24 h delay)
Skelton et al., 2008NPRRats (SD), Adult, Male15 mg/kg (s.c.) × 4 OR × 4/day, 1 day/wk, 5 wkTraining/Testing: Postdrug [1 h delay]
Pompei et al., 2002SRRats (SD), Adult, Male1, 5, or 10 mg/kg (i.p.) × 1/day, 8 daysTraining: Off-Drug2 / Testing: On-Drug [2 h delay]↑ (1 and 5 mg/kg), ⌀ (10 mg/kg)
Able et al., 2006CWMRats (SD), Adult, Male15 mg/kg (s.c.) × 4Testing: Postdrug
Skelton et al., 2008CWMRats (SD), Adult, Male15 mg/kg (s.c.) × 4 OR × 4/day, 1 day/wk, 5 wkTesting: Postdrug
Vorhees et al., 2011CWMRats (SD), Adult, Male15 mg/kg (s.c.) × 4Testing: Postdrug
  • a Studies used the novel object recognition (NOR), novel place recognition (NPR), social recognition (SR), and Cincinnati water maze (CWM) tasks.

  • b Species (strain), age, and sex of subjects. Strains include Lister Hooded (LH), PVG/c hooded, Sprague-Dawley (SD), and Wistar (W) rats; and C57BL/6 (B6), CD1, ICR, and OF1 mice.

  • c Dose, route, and frequency of MDMA administration. Treatment days/weeks are consecutive unless noted as “spaced.”

  • d When training and testing occurred in relation to drug treatment, and duration of delay period between training and testing for recognition tasks. Pre- and post-drug training/testing were always conducted off-drug.

  • e Effects of drug treatment on nonspatial learning (CWM) and recognition memory (NOR, NPR, SR): ⌀ No Effect, ↓ Impairment, ↑ Enhancement.

  • 1 Off-drug training/testing took place on day(s) without drug administration.

  • 2 Off-drug training/testing took place immediately before drug administration on (last) day of treatment.