Structures of human M1, M2, and M4 receptors, and rat M3 receptor

ReceptorPDB IDLigandEfficacyFusion PartnerResolution (Å)References
M1R5CXVTiotropiumInverse agonistT4 lysozyme (T4L) in ICL32.70Thal et al., 2016
M2R3UONQNBInverse agonistT4L in ICL33.00Haga et al., 2012
M2R4MQSIperoxoFull agonistNone3.50Kruse et al., 2013a
M2R4MQTIperoxo, LY2119620Full agonist, PAMNone3.70Kruse et al., 2013a
M2R5ZK8NMSInverse agonistCytochrome b562RIL (BRIL) in ICL33.00Suno et al., 2018
M2R (S110R)5ZKCNMSInverse agonistBRIL in ICL32.30Suno et al., 2018
M2R (S110R)5ZKBAF-DX 384AntagonistBRIL in ICL32.95Suno et al., 2018
M2R (S110R)5ZK3QNBInverse agonistBRIL in ICL32.60Suno et al., 2018
M2R (S110R)5YC8NMS, HgInverse agonist, cationBRIL in ICL32.50Suno et al., 2018
M3R4DAJTiotropiumInverse agonistT4L in ICL33.40Kruse et al., 2012
M3R4U14TiotropiumInverse agonistDisulfide stabilized T4L in ICL33.57Thorsen et al., 2014
M3R4U15TiotropiumInverse agonistMinimal T4L (mT4L) in ICL32.80Thorsen et al., 2014
M3R4U16NMSInverse agonistmT4L in ICL33.70Thorsen et al., 2014
M3R5ZHPCompound 6o (BS46)AntagonistmT4L in ICL33.10Liu et al., 2018
M4R5DSGTiotropiumInverse agonistmT4L in ICL32.60Thal et al., 2016