Potential SLC targets for the treatment of metabolic disease with limited evidence based on human studies or mouse models

SLC NameProtein NameSubstratesExpression in Metabolically Active OrgansSubcellular LocalizationLink to Metabolic Disease in HumansLink to Metabolic Disease in MiceReferences
SLC5A9SGLT4Mannose, glucose, fructoseIntestine, kidney, liverPlasma membraneDiabetic retinopathyN.A.Tazawa et al., 2005; Ung et al., 2017
SLC5A10SGLT5Mannose, fructose, glucose, galactoseKidneyPlasma membraneN.A.Hepatic steatosisGrempler et al., 2012; Fukuzawa et al., 2013
SLC13A1NaS1, NaSi-1Sulfate, thiosulfate, selenateKidney, intestine, adrenal glands, adipose tissuePlasma membraneDrug-induced hepatotoxicityFatty liverMarkovich, 2001; Dawson et al., 2006
SLC13A2NaDC1, NaC1, SDCT1Succinate, α-ketoglutarate, citrateKidney, intestinePlasma membraneNephrolithiasisNephrolithiasisMarkovich and Murer, 2004; Ho et al., 2007; Bergeron et al., 2013; Udomsilp et al., 2018
SLC13A3NaDC3, NaC3, SDCT2Succinate, α-ketoglutarate, citrateKidney, liver, brainPlasma membraneDiabetic nephropathy, chronic kidney diseaseN.A.Bento et al., 2008; Ju et al., 2009; Bergeron et al., 2013; Nanayakkara et al., 2014
SLC16A3MCT4Lactate, pyruvate, ketone bodiesSkeletal muscle, brain, intestinePlasma membrane, nuclear membraneDiabetic nephropathyN.A.Lokman et al., 2011; Halestrap, 2013
SLC16A9MCT9CarnitineKidney, adrenal glandsPlasma membraneGoutN.A.Kolz et al., 2009; van der Harst et al., 2010; Halestrap, 2013; Nakayama et al., 2013
SLC16A10MCT10, TAT1Aromatic amino acidsSkeletal muscle, heart, kidney, intestine, pancreasPlasma membraneNAFLDN.A.Halestrap, 2013; Lake et al., 2015
SLC25A25APC2, SCaMC-2, MCSCAdenine nucleotides, phosphateBrain, heart, skeletal muscle, liver, intestine, pancreasInner mitochondrial membraneN.A.ObesityAnunciado-Koza et al., 2011
SLC25A40MCFPUnknownLiver, kidney, intestine, brain, adrenal glandsInner mitochondrial membraneHypertriglyceridemiaN.A.Rosenthal et al., 2013
SLC30A3ZnT3ZincBrainSynaptic vesicleN.A.Impaired glucose tolerancePalmiter et al., 1996; Smidt et al., 2009; Keele et al., 2018
SLC30A7ZnT7ZincIntestineGolgi apparatusN.A.Obesity, insulin resistanceKirschke and Huang, 2003; Huang et al., 2007, 2010, 2012, 2018