Characteristics of EP1–4 and IP receptor subtypes in humans, rats, and mice

EP1 Receptor
 Gene symbolPTGER1Ptger1Ptger1Funk et al., 1993; Watabe et al., 1993; Båtshake et al., 1995; Ishikawa et al., 1996; Okuda-Ashitaka et al., 1996; Boie et al., 1997
 Gene ID57312563719216
 Chromosomal location19p13.1219q118 C2
 Number of exons333
 Number of amino acids402405 Variant 366405
EP2 receptor
 Gene symbolPTGER2Ptger2Ptger2Regan et al., 1994b; Katsuyama et al., 1995; Boie et al., 1997; Nemoto et al., 1997; Smock et al., 1999
 Gene ID57328175219217
 Chromosomal location14q22.115p1414 C1
 Number of exons233
 Number of amino acids358357362
EP3 receptora
 Gene symbolPTGER3Ptger3Ptger3Sugimoto et al., 1992, 1993; Irie et al., 1993; Takeuchi et al., 1993, 1994; Neuschäfer-Rube et al., 1994; Regan et al., 1994a; Kotani et al., 1995; Schmid et al., 1995; Boie et al., 1997; Kotani et al., 1997; Oldfield et al., 2001; Bilson et al., 2004
 Gene ID57332492919218
 Chromosomal location1p31.12q453 H4
 Number of exons1044
 Protein derived from splicing variants (UniProtKB accession number) and number of amino acidsEP3-I (P43115-1) 390EP3α 365EP3α 365
EP3-II (P43115-2) 388EP3β 361EP3β 361
EP3-III (P43115-3) 365EP3γ 364EP3γ 364
EP3-IV (P43115-4) 374EP3δ 343
EP3-e (P43115-5) 418b
EP4 receptor
 Gene symbolPTGER4Ptger4Ptger4(An et al., 1993; Honda et al., 1993; Bastien et al., 1994; Sando et al., 1994)c; Arakawa et al., 1996; Boie et al., 1997
 Gene ID57348402319219
 Chromosomal location5p13.12q1615 A1
 Number of exons733
 Number of amino acids488488513
IP receptor
 Gene symbolPTGIRPtgirPtgirBoie et al., 1994; Nakagawa et al., 1994; Namba et al., 1994; Sasaki et al., 1994
 Gene ID573929266119222
 Chromosomal location19q13.321q217 A2
 Number of exons622
 Number of amino acids386416415
  • a Ten transcripts produced by alternative splicing in human have been detected for the EP3 receptor. Here are presented the five human EP3 protein isoforms mostly found.

  • b Correct value for EP3e amino-acid number, which has been described with mistake starting after Leu 373 in Schmid et al. (1995), Kotani et al. (1997), Lebender et al. (2018).

  • c These publications present data for EP4 receptors under wrong nomenclature of EP2 receptors.