Ontogeny profile of hepatic phase II enzymes in Göttingen minipig based on metabolic activity, protein expression, and mRNA expression levels

Percentages represent expression/activity relative to adult levels.

Onset of Activity and/or ExpressionAdult Levels ReachedAge-Related Changes in Activity/ExpressionCommentsReferences
Catalytic activityM: 7 days (35%); F: 7 days (38%)M: NR (52% at 28 days); F: NR (60% at 28 days)Increased rapidlySingle study, sparse data. Adult age: 822 days. Substrate: UGT-Glo. Methods: PLM. Strain: Göttingen minipig (M/F)Van Peer et al. (2017)
  • F, female; M, male; NR, not reported; PLM, pig liver microsome.