Major product forms of sodium cromoglycate and nedocromil sodium

ProductNominal doseLung DosebDelivery ModalityContainer ClosureExcipients
Sodium cromoglycate
INTAl Spincaps20 mg SCG +
0.1 mg isoprenaline
Spinhaler (DPI)aGelatin capsuleLactose carrier
INTAL Spincaps20 mgSpinhaler (DPI)aGelatin capsuleLactose carrier
INTAL Spincaps20 mg1.1–3.4 mgSpinhaler (DPI)aGelatin capsulePelletized drug only
INTAL solution20 mg
(1% solution)
0.3 mgNebulizerGlass vial 2mlPurified water
INTAL Inhalerc1 mg/actuationpMDIpMDI
112 actuations or
200 actuations
Span 85 CFC 12/114
INTAL 5c5 mg/actuation0.9–1.1 mgpMDIpMDI
112 actuations
Polyvidone K30 polyethylene glycol 600
Nedocromil sodium
Tilade inhalerc2 mg/actuation0.3 mgpMDIpMDI
112 actuations
Span 85 CFC 12/114
Tilade CFC freec2 mg/actuationpMDIpMDI
112 actuations
Providone K30 Macrogol 600 Levomenthol HFA 227
Tilade solution11 mg
(0.5% solution)
NebulizerLDPE ampoule
2.2 ml
  • aDPI.

  • bSee text for references.

  • cEach dose is two actuations.