Distribution of α6-subunits in the nervous system and in peripheral tissues

RegionExperimental SubjectsDetection MethodReference
Central nervous system
CerebellumHuman post-mortem study
(schizophrenia and control)
RT-qPCRBullock et al. (2008)
Rats (Long Evans)RT-qPCRBullock et al. (2009)
Rats (undefined)ISHLaurie et al. (1992)
Rats (Albino)ISHPersohn et al. (1992)
Rats (Spraque-Dawley)Northern blotMhatre and Ticku (1992)
Rats (Spraque-Dawley)IHCPirker et al. (2000)
Gutierrez et al. (1996)
Mice (C57BL/6J)ISHVarecka et al. (1994)
Lein et al. (2007)
α6−/− Mice (C57BL/6)LacZ-Gabra6Jones et al. (1997)
Mice, chicken, and fishISH
Bahn et al. (1996)
Cochlear nuclei/
Cochlear root nuclei
Rats (Wistar)ISHCampos et al. (2001)
Rats (Sprague-Dawley)IHCGutierrez et al. (1996)
Mice (C57BL/6J)ISHVarecka et al. (1994)
Lein et al. (2007)
α6−/− Mice (C57BL/6)LacZ-Gabra6Jones et al. (1997)
Rats (Wistar)RT-PCRGomez-Nieto et al. (2008)
Cortex (prefrontal)Human post-mortem study
(AUD and control)
RT-qPCRGatta et al. (2021)
Rats (Long Evans)RT-qPCRAgrawal and Dwivedi (2020)
Cortex (superior frontal)Human post-mortem study
(autism and control)
Western blot
Fatemi et al. (2014)
HippocampusRats (Sprague-Dawley)RT-qPCR, IHC,
Western blot
Yang et al. (2016)
Inferior colliculus (dorsal)α6−/− Mice (C57BL/6)LacZ-Gabra6Jones et al. (1997)
Infralimbic areaMice (C57BL/6J)ISHLein et al. (2007)
Olfactory nerveRats (Sprague-Dawley)IHCGutierrez et al. (1996)
Olfactory cortex (peduncular area, taenia tecta)Mice (C57BL/6J)ISHLein et al. (2007)
Orbital layerMice (C57BL/6J)ISHLein et al. (2007)
Periaqueductal grayAlcol P rats (Wistar)RNA seqMcClintick et al. (2016)
Parabrachial nucleusMice (C57BL/6J)ISHLein et al. (2007)
Raphe nucleus (dorsal)Alcol P rats (Wistar)RNA seqMcClintick et al. (2015)
Retina (inner plexiform layer)Rats (Sprague-Dawley)IHCGutierrez et al. (1996)
Spinal cordRats (Sprague-Dawley)
(dorsal horn, layer II)
IHCGutierrez et al. (1996)
(motor neurons)
Western blot
Gomez-Nieto et al. (2008)
Andres et al. (2014)
Rats (Sprague-Dawley)
Western blot
Kramer and Bellinger (2013)
Kramer and Bellinger (2014)
Striatum (ventral)Mice (C57BL/6J)
D3R−/− mice
RT-PCRLeggio et al. (2015)
Substantia nigraα6−/− Mice (C57BL/6)LacZ-Gabra6Jones et al. (1997)
Thalamus (geniculate nuclei)α6−/− Mice (C57BL/6)LacZ-Gabra6Jones et al. (1997)
Peripheral nervous system
CochleaMice (CBA/J)RT-PCRDrescher et al. (1993)
Rats (Wistar)
(spiral ganglion and organ)
IHCYamamoto et al. (2002)
Trigeminal gangliaRats (Sprague-Dawley)IHC and RT-PCRHayasaki et al. (2006)
Rats (Sprague-Dawley)IHC and qPCRPuri et al. (2011)
Rats (Sprague-Dawley)IHC
Western blot
Puri et al. (2012)
Kramer and Bellinger (2013)
Kramer and Bellinger (2014)
Rats (Wistar)IHCFan et al. (2018)
Rats (Wistar)RNA seqKogelman et al. (2017)
Mice (ICR)IHCTzeng et al. (2021)
Vestibular end-organsRats (Sprague-Dawley)RT-PCRRezaee et al. (1999)
Peripheral tissues
T lymphocytesHuman blood samplesRT-qPCRDionisio et al. (2011)
Jurkat cells (human T lymphocyte cell line)RT-qPCRMendu et al. (2012)
RT-qPCRAlam et al. (2006)
Rats (BB strain)
(CD4+ and CD8+)
RT-qPCRMendu et al. (2011)
Rats (Wistar)
(CD4+ and CD8+)
Western blot
Mendu et al. (2012)
LiverHuman resectionsIHCBautista et al. (2014)
Lung alveolar (type I and II)Rats (Sprague-Dawley)RT-qPCRJin et al. (2006)
Pancreatic α-cellsRats (Wistar)RT-qPCRJin et al. (2013)
Placenta and uterusRats (Wistar)RT-PCRAkinci and Schofield (1999)
  • α6−/− mice, GABAA receptor α6 subunit knockout mice; Alcol P rats, alcohol-preferring rats; autoradiography, [3H]Ro15-4513; AUD, alcohol use disorder; BB strain, congenic Biobreeding strain; CBA/J, a strain of Agouti mice; CD4+: CD4+ T lympocytes; CD8+: CD8+ T lymphocytes; D3R−/− mice, dopamine D3 receptor knockout mice; ICR, Institute of Cancer Research; IHC, immunohistochemistry; ISH, in situ hybridization; LaZ-Gabra6, LacZ expression driven from the Gabra6 locus detected by β-galactosidase staining; Northern blot, Northern blotting for mRNA; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; qPCR, quantitative PCR; RNA seq, RNA sequencing; RT-PCR, reverse-transcription PCR; RT-qPCR, quantitative reverse-transcription PCR; Vc-C1, trigeminal nucleus caudalis and upper cervical region; Western blot, Western blotting for protein.