Overview of studies using organotypic liver cultures for hepatic clearance predictions

Number of Compounds Predicted within 2-Fold of In Vivo Cl
Culture ParadigmLow-Clearance CompoundsMedium- to High-Clearance CompoundsPrediction MethodResults/ConclusionReference
PHH in MPCC7/104/7ConventionalMedium- to high-Cl compounds mainly underpredicted(Chan et al., 2013)
PHH in MPCC9/153/10ConventionalHigh-Cl compounds underpredicted(Da-silva et al., 2018)
PHH in MPCC5/8Direct scalingNo clear tendency(Kratochwil et al., 2017)
PHH in MPCC4/122/3ConventionalClinical drug candidates (low Cl) were better predicted using direct scaling(Kratochwil et al., 2017)
PHH spheroids2/31/3ConventionalCompounds were underpredicted(Kanebratt et al., 2021)
PHH in chip0/23/4Direct scalingLow-Cl compounds below LOQ, high Cl underpredicted(Chao et al., 2009)
  • Cl, clearance; LOQ, limit of quantification.