Summary of preclinical efficacy of group II/III mGlu receptor allosteric modulators in substance use disorder models

GroupReceptorTypeCompoundDrug of AbuseBehavioral EffectReferences
IImGlu2PAMBINACocaineDecreased cocaine self-administration in both short-access (1 h) and long-access (6 h) in rats; decreased cue-induced reinstatement of cocaine seeking without altering food seekingJin et al., 2010
AZD8418/AZD8529NicotineDeceased nicotine self-administration and blocked cue-induced reinstatement of nicotine- and food-seeking behaviorLi et al., 2016
IIImGlu7Ago-PAMAMN082CocaineReduced self-administration under an FR2 schedule of reinforcement; lowered PR breakpoints in ratsLi et al., 2009, 2013
CocaineAttenuates cocaine-primed reinstatement of cocaine-seeking behaviorLi et al., 2010
Alcohol and heroinInhibited self-administration and preferenceSalling et al., 2008; Bahi et al., 2012
  • FR, fixed ratio; PR, progressive ratio