Elevation of cathepsin B in patients with neurologic disorders

Clinical ConditionBiofluid or TissueCTSB RegulationFeaturesReference
ADBrain cortexCTSB protein increased by 18-foldBatkulwar et al., 2018
ADBrainHigh CTSB protein and proteolytic activity abnormally localized at amyloid plaques in brainCataldo and Nixon, 1990
ADSerumIncreased CTSB correlates with cognitive deficitsSun et al., 2015
ADCSFIncreased CTSB proteinSundelof et al., 2010; Armstrong et al., 2014
ADCSFIncreased CTSB protein in AD analyzed by proteomicsZhang et al., 2005
ADPlasmaElevated CTSB protein in mild and severe AD by 50%–80% above controlsMorena et al., 2017
Periodontitis linked to ADSerumIncreased CTSB levels by 43%Rong et al., 2020
HIVBrain and plasma monocytesElevated CTSBRodriguez-Franco et al., 2012; Cantres-Rosario et al., 2013
ALSSpinal cordIncreased CTSB expression and proteinKikuchi et al., 2003; Dangond et al., 2004; Offen et al., 2009; Saris et al., 2013
Severe traumaPlasmaCTSB activity was elevated 5- to 6-fold in severe trauma leading to organ failureAssfalg-Machleidt et al., 1990; Jochum et al., 1993
Traumatic brain injuryCSFElevated CTSB protein by twofoldBoutte et al., 2020
Multiple traumaPlasmaElevated CTSB associated with trauma and sepsisJochum et al., 1993
Vascular pathologyBrain vascular endotheliumElevated CTSB levelsAoki et al., 2008
Guillain-Barre syndromeCSFElevated CTSB activityNagai et al., 2000
AgingCSFIncreased CTSB protein correlated positively with ageNilsson et al., 2013