Comparison of ADC and ADCN features

Antibody requirementA single antibody is used to bind one targetMultiple antibodies can be added to target heterogeneous and/or drug resistant tumors
Linker influenceLinkers affect payload potency and can cause side effects, especially with cleavable linkersTarget binding and payload are not affected by linkers
Payload requirementHighly potent drugs are neededDrugs with lower potency can be used
DARHas a limited DAR range (1–8)Higher amount of drug can be encapsulated
(can reach >100)
Single/multiple-type payloadOne type of payload is primarily usedMultiple types of payloads can be loaded
Receptor clusteringRegular receptor clustering
(in classic, monospecific antibodies)
Potential for enhanced receptor clustering
PreparationPrecise chemical synthesis with multiple reaction stepsMainly relies on self-assembly