Summary of preclinical efficacy of group I/II mGlu receptor allosteric modulators in stress-related deficits

GroupReceptorTypeCompoundBehavioral EffectReferences
ImGlu5PAMCDPPBFacilitated the extinction of contextual fear memory; enhanced the initial fear memory formation and had no effect on memory retrievalSethna and Wang, 2014
NAMMPEP/MTEPAntidepressant-like activity in the tail TST and FSTa,b(See footnotes.)
DSR-98776Produces antidepressant-like actions in ratsKato et al., 2015
Partial NAMM-5MPEP/Br-5MPEPyDemonstrate antidepressant- and anxiolytic-like activity in FST, TST, SIH and marble burying testsGould et al., 2016
VU0477573Dose-dependent efficacy in marble-burying testNickols et al., 2016
IImGlu2PAMBINAAnxiolytic-like effects on SIH and EPM tests in miceGalici et al., 2006
THIICAnxiolytic-like efficacy in SIH assay in rats and stress-induced marble-burying assay in miceFell et al., 2011
LY487379/LY379268Anxiolytic-like efficacy in SIH assay in miceWieroĊ„ska et al., 2012b
mGlu2NAMVU6001966Reverse passive coping behavior in the FSTJoffe et al., 2020
mGlu3NAMVU0650786Antidepressant-like and anxiolytic-like effects as measured by FST and marble-burying testsEngers et al., 2015
Reverse passive coping behavior in the FST; reduce stress-induced deficits in motivationJoffe et al., 2020
Blocked LY379268-induced trace fear conditioning enhancement in miceDogra et al., 2021
  • BR-5MPEPy, bromo-2-[2-(3 methoxyphenyl)ethynyl]-5-methylpyridine; M-5MPEP, 2-[2-(3 methoxyphenyl)ethynyl]-5-methylpyridine; THIIC, (trifluoromethyl)-3-hydroxy-4-(isobutyryl)phenoxy)methyl)benzyl)-1-methyl-1H-imidazole-4-carboxamide; TST, tail suspension test.

  • aLi et al., 2006.

  • bBelozertseva et al., 2007.