Summary of preclinical efficacy of group III mGlu receptor allosteric modulators in stress-related deficits

ReceptorTypeCompoundBehavioral EffectReferences
mGlu4PAMPHCCCAntidepressant-like effects in rats;a intra-BLA administration elicits anticonflict effects in rats subjected to the Vogel conflict testb(See footnotes.)
ADX88178Reduced duration of immobility in the FST; attenuated conditioned freezing in the acquisition phase of the fear conditioningKalinichev et al., 2014
Lu AF21934Anxiolytic, but not antidepressant-like, effects as measured by SIH, four-plate, marble-burying, and Vogel’s conflict testsSławińska et al., 2013b
mGlu7NAMADX71743Dose-dependent reduction in the number of buried marbles and increasing open arm exploration in EPM and marble-burying assaysKalinichev et al., 2013
  • aKłak et al., 2007.

  • bStachowicz et al., 2004.

  • BLA, basolateral amygdala