DMN connectivity under classic psychedelics, inspired by Ruban and Kolodziej (2018)

Decreased DMN activity under psychedelics is a common finding across psychedelic literature. For DMN functional connectivity with other regions, see Ruban and Kolodziej (2018).

AuthorWithin-DMN ConnectivitySubstanceTime of Scanning
Carhart-Harris et al., 2016DecreasedLSDUnder psychedelic
Muller et al., 2018DecreasedLSDUnder psychedelic
Palhano-Fontes et al., 2015DecreasedAyahuascaUnder psychedelic
Carhart-Harris et al., 2012bDecreasedPsilocybinUnder psychedelic
Carhart-Harris et al., 2017IncreasedPsilocybinDay after psychedelic administration