Neural correlates of ego dissolution

Adapted from Millière (2018).

AuthorSubstanceCorrelates of Ego Dissolution
Carhart-Harris et al., 2013Psilocybin↑ DMN-TPN functional connectivity
Muthukumaraswamy et al., 2013Psilocybinα power in PCC
Lebedev et al., 2015Psilocybin↓ Function in aPHC
↓ MTL-neocortex coupling
↓ Integrity of salience network
↓ Interhemispheric connectivity
Tagliazucchi et al., 2016LSD↑ Connectivity density in bilateral TPJ/angular gyrus and insular cortex
Carhart-Harris et al., 2016bLSD↓ Integrity of DMN
↓ PHC-RSC connectivity
↓ α and δ power in PCC
Lebedev et al., 2016LSD↑ Entropic brain activity
Schartner et al., 2017Psilocybin↑ Spontaneous MEG signal diversity (measured with Lempel-Ziv complexity)
Atasoy et al., 2017LSD↓ Mean energy and energy fluctuations of low-frequency connectome harmonics
  • aPHC, anterior parahippocampus.