CLR01 binding sites on different amyloidogenic proteins

ProteinBinding SitesMethodReference
Aβ40, Aβ42Lys16 primary, Lys28 secondary, Arg5 tertiaryECD-MS/MS and solution-state NMR(Sinha et al., 2011)
Huntingtin exon 1Lys9ECD-MS/MS(Vöpel et al., 2017)
PSMα1Lys9, Lys12, Lys21Solution-state NMR(Malishev et al., 2021)
SOD1Lys70 and/or Lys75ECD-MS/MS(Malik et al., 2019)
TauMultiple Lys residues, mainly in the MTBD, Lys331 primary, Lys321 secondaryECD-MS/MS and solution-state NMR(Despres et al., 2019; Nshanian et al., 2019)
α-SynucleinLys10 and/or Lys12ECD-MS/MS(Acharya et al., 2014)