Top 25 most highly cited papers published in Pharmacological Reviewsa

TitleFirst AuthorPublishedCitations
Nitric Oxide: Physiology, Pathophysiology, and PharmacologyS. Moncada199121,484
The Effects of Plant Flavonoids on Mammalian Cells: Implications for Inflammation, Heart Disease and CancerE. Middleton20007076
The Glutamate Receptor Ion ChannelsR. Dingledine19995459
Theoretical Basis, Experimental Design, and Computerized Simulation of Synergism and Antagonism in Drug Combination StudiesT.-C. Chou20065288
Receptors for Purines and PyrimidinesV. Ralevic19985150
Pharmacological Implications of Microsomal Enzyme InductionA.H. Conney19674747
Long Circulating and Target-Specific Nanoparticles: Theory to PracticeS.M. Moghimi20014630
Anthracyclines: Molecular Advances and Pharmacologic Developments in Antitumor Activity and CardiotoxicityG. Minotti20044447
International Union of Pharmacology Classification of Receptors for 5- Hydroxytryptamine (Serotonin)D. Hoyer19943979
Glutamate Receptor Ion Channels: Structure, Regulation, and FunctionS.F. Traynelis20103903
Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Peptide Action and ResistanceM.R. Yeaman20033609
International Union of Pharmacology. XXVII. Classification of Cannabinoid ReceptorsA.C. Howlett20023515
International Union of Pharmacology. XXV. Nomenclature and Classification of Adenosine ReceptorsB.B. Fredholm20013385
Actions of Caffeine in the Brain with Special Reference to Factors that Contribute to its Widespread UseB.B. Fredholm19993224
Purinergic NevesG. Burnstock19723214
The Membrane Actions of Anesthetics and TranquilizersP. Seeman19723195
The Blood-Brain Barrier/Neurovascular Unit in Health and DiseaseB.T. Hawkins20053169
The Physiology, Signaling, and Pharmacology of Dopamine ReceptorsJ.-M. Beaulieu20113070
International Union of Pharmacology. XXIII. The Angiotensin II ReceptorsM. de Gasparo20002872
The Sympathetic Nerve: An Integrative Interface Between Two Supersystems: The Brain and the Immune SystemI.J. Elenkov20002849
International Union of Pharmacology. XXII. Nomenclature for Chemokine ReceptorsP.M. Murphy20002566
The Endocannabinoid System as an Emerging Target of PharmacotherapyP. Pacher20062553
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and AngiogenesisA. Hoeben20042532
Pharmacology of Bradykinin and Related KininsD. Regoli19802421
Evolving Concepts in G Protein-Coupled Receptor Endocytosis: The Role in Receptor Desensitization and SignalingS.S.G. Ferguson20012404
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